"From an Architect's Bookshelf"

4:09:00 PM

LiA launches "From an Architect's Bookshelf", a book donation/library development program that would provide local high schools with books, journals and monographs that are essential the for teaching and research of Architecture but too costly for most schools or scholars to afford.

Donations can include: Architecture, interior design, art and construction books.

Your book donation will help :

- Motivate a young student to stay in school and pursue a college degree education
- Raise awareness of Architecture as a career path
- Raise the profile of Architecture to make the profession more diverse and attractive.
- Inspire the Architect's of tomorrow: With this program if we touch one student who will pursue a career in architecture, go on to licensure, and become an AIA member, that will make it a success.

BOOKSHELF LEADERS at different architecture firms and at other locations will be in charge of collecting the donations. Please drop off books at your designated collection point. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to

Collections are between now and until August 15 for the 2010 school year.

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