Skyline Architecture Cluster Orientation

11:16:00 AM

By Martha Beary and Fred Peña

On Sept. 2, several LiA members attended the orientation for the Architecture Cluster at Skyline High School. Martha Beary, Jose Martinez, Selina Hinojosa and Fred Peña had the opportunity to share their experiences of the process of becoming an architect.

The program for the evening consisted of informing the students and their parents about the activities that the cluster is involved in. Within that presentation Martha and Fred spoke briefly about the Architecture field. After the formal presentations, the four LiA members were able to speak with several students and their parents one-on-one to answer questions and give advice for those interested in pursuing architecture.

This is what Martha had to say about the evening:

“This was an unforgettable experience for me. Skyline is not a traditional High School and is the first public school in the country to offer courses in architecture, a model for another 9 which have since sprung across the nation. I am very impressed with the school’s curriculum and involvement with the Architecture community such as the AIA, ACE, El Centro, SEED, UT Arlington, Texas A&M, UT Austin, and Harvard.
The level of work and opportunities the students are exposed to are an enabler to embrace their dreams of becoming the great architects of the future. Having the opportunity to share my experience and challenges as a working mother of two children and how the passion I have for my career helped me overcome all the obstacles. I shared with them that attaining my goal gave a sense of accomplishment because I was representing not only the Latino community but the female Latino architect.
I was able to answer many questions from parents and students who are interested in following this amazing dream of getting to college in the Architecture field, assuring them that with dedication and perseverance all goals are possible. If I only had the opportunity Skyline High School offers to their students, decisions supporting my career path would have been much easier”.-Martha C.Beary

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