Your books are now in the hands of local high school students!

2:34:00 PM

Last week, LiA members visited Moises E. Molina HS, Pinkston HS, and Skyline HS!

More than 600 books and 200 magazines were delivered to these schools, where LiA members had the opportunity to talk to the students about the benefits of staying in school, pursuing architecture as a career path, and sharing our personal experiences that led to our professional careers.

Special thanks to Iara Bachman, Yesenia Blandon, Jimmy Castellanos, Jesus Machuca, Juan Navarro, Gina Sierra, Terry Salinas, Celi Sims, Luis Tejeda, Lorena Toffer, and Dulce Torres, all members of AIA Dallas Latinos in Architecture Committee, who volunteered with the sorting , organization and distribution of books.

Most importantly, thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to donate a book! Everyone was impressed with the number of books as well as the quality of these books. Thank you so much for heling inspire the architects of tomorrow!

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