LiA at LCC 2012 Thriving Minds Summer Youth Camp

6:41:00 AM

A group of LiA members is participating as instructors in the 2012 Thriving Minds Summer Youth Camp presented by the Latino Cultural Center. Ordinary Heroes of Dallas: A Multimedia Exploration of our Community was created with the goal of letting the students discover a Sense of self, as well as a Sense of place of the Dallas community. They will achieve this thru exploration of the different performing and visual arts. Gina Sierra is the main instructor for the Architecture class, teaching the students basic concepts in geometry, stability, balance, proportion that they can later correlate with the other classes, like photography, dance, theater and media. So far, they have taken a tour to the Modern Museum of Art in Fort Worth, where they were able to explore sketching abilities with the help of Laura Quintero and Benjamin Lule Hurtado. Next week, they will be visiting the Trinity River Audubon Center.

Save the date: Saturday June 30th at 7pm at the Latino Cultural Center for the final performance!

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