LiA Guest Speaker at the Latino Cultural Center

10:53:00 AM

Early this week, LiA member Leonardo Gonzalez Sangri, volunteered as guest speaker at the Latino Cultural Center, as part of Big Thought’s Summer Camp. A short panel discussion was held regarding careers and work in the Arts, the importance of creativity, education and the possibilities practicing in the field.
Leo, originally from Mexico City, attended the Architecture School at the Savannah College of Art and Design, has a Masters in Architecture and is currently a senior designer at HKS. After the panel, Leo led an Architecture activity with the students, approximately 80 middle school kids that benefited from a friendly competition using Keva planks, to build the tallest and most creative structure possible, while learning the importance of working as a team. Participating schools included Lang, Hill and Long Middle Schools.

“… in an ever connected world and with new technologies, the lines between visual artists, sculptors, photographers and architects are blurred and the opportunities for collaboration, learning experiences and growth seem limitless”
- Leo Gonzalez

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