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The AIA/DCFA Planning Task Force is interested in LiA's unique perspective (“Voice”) regarding how the Chapter and Center for Architecture can aid in member success and promote relevancy of the profession in these changing times.  The following questions highlight the type of information the strategic planning group is looking for from you.  They are meant as a guideline only to stimulate discussion.  Most importantly we just want to learn from your opinions about the chapter and the profession. We will be gathering all your answers, and will be discussing at our next committee meeting, Thursday August 23rd - mark your calendar! 

1. Briefly explain the purpose LiA serves for it’s members? For the chapter?

2. What do you personally hope to gain by involvement in LiA?  In the chapter?

3. What are the top challenges you currently face in your career stage

4. What can AIA Dallas / DCFA do to aid LiA members in meeting these challenges?

5. What are the top challenges you see in the profession over the next 3- 5 years ?

6. What are your thoughts on how AIA Dallas / DCFA can best help the profession to maintain/increase its relevancy?

The planning group will be reconvening on Sept. 6th where LiA co-chairs will informally present the committee discussion conclusions. Thank you so much for providing very valuable input to this important chapter planning endeavor!

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