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Latinos in Architecture deliver architectural inspiration to high school youth…

Latinos in architecture had the opportunity to deliver donated books to one of our local high schools. Thanks to everyone that donated books.

Last week, I had the opportunity to be a part of an event that marks what Latinos in Architecture stands for. This event, From The Architects Bookshelf, promotes higher education in the field of construction, design and art. It is in LiA’s core values to promote the need for a higher education, and the importance of sharing with our community. During each of the volunteers’ introduction we were able to share where we were from, where we obtained our education, our career path and a recommendation that we thought would help them. Al Hernandez shared his passion for architecture, and also explained the roles that architects have as managers of the different disciplines like engineers, contractors, owners and users.

The school is always carefully selected keeping in mind that they have an architecture/design program in their curriculum, and then the instructor gathers a group of student. We delivered the books to Pinkston High School in west Dallas. The majority of the students that attend this high school are minorities.

Below is the group of volunteers (from left to right):

Karina Ramirez
Al Hernandez
Gloria Espino
David Munoz
Salud Sierra
Daniel Navarro Rangel

It was really rewarding to see the faces of exiting student opening books and understanding what architects do as designers. Thanks to our co-chair David Munoz and Gloria Espino for organizing the event.

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