"From an Architect's Bookshelf” 2010- Final Report

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"From an Architect's Bookshelf” 2010- Final Report
Williams Preparatory
Skyline High School
Hampton Preparatory

LiA's book donation program, "From an Architect's Bookshelf", was hugely successful in distributing books to several Dallas beneficiary schools!
Celi A. Sims, Jimmy Castellanos, Juan Navarro, Lorenzo Castillo, Isaac Robinson, Gina Sierra, Terry Salinas, Fred Peña, Ashley Peña, Jose Martinez, Paola Contreras, Claudia Barron, and David Muñoz, all members of AIA Dallas Latinos in Architecture Committee, volunteered with the sorting , organization and distribution of books at the schools.
The beneficiary schools selected this year were Skyline High School (Architecture Cluster), Williams Preparatory, and Hampton Preparatory.
We had the opportunity to talk with the students and gave an informal presentation that focused on our mission, the details of the book drive program and the committee, and the benefits of staying in school. We also talked to students about Architecture as a career path, sharing personal experiences that led to our professional careers.

"After I met these young people that will make up the next generation of design professionals, I was inspired by their drive and aspiration to better the world and themselves; just as my generation had aspired to do. When we handed out the books, I was fortunate enough to speak to some of the young men and women in small groups. It was then that I realized even though we are two different generations, they are facing the same struggles & obstacles in their future that I faced years ago. Now, after years of life’s experiences have taught me so many lessons, it is an opportunity that I welcome and a memory that I cherish—to help them with encouragement & support and ensuring them that their dreams are achievable." - Celi A. Sims (REES)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for making the LiA book donation at Skyline such a success!!!
It is incredible what you accomplished in such a short amount of time.
The number and quality of donated books is overwhelming.
Hearing your personal stories was very powerful. We appreciated the emphasis everyone placed on getting an education. The donation of the books also helped to underscore the importance of doing well in school.
We look forward to teaming with LiA in the future. Your participation with the parent orientation and now with the book donation adds a unique dimension to student's exploration of the professional world.
Thank you once again for all you have done. " -Tom Cox, Instructor

At the Architecture Cluster of Skyline High school we met with students that have already been exposed to "the Architecture world". This didn't make it less exciting, as they were so appreciative of the gifts and so curious about the profession.

At Williams Preparatory, more than 98% of the student body is Hispanic. We had the opportunity to talk to more than 50 younger students that were so curios and surprised us with very clever and candid questions about our profession.

At Hampton Preparatory, a school with more than 95% African American student population, we met with very bright and talented seniors. We chose this school because LiA’s mission is to be an open resource group, not only helping the Hispanic community but the community at large.
Our original goal was to collect 200 books. Thanks to generous donations, we far exceeded the goal and delivered over 900 books and more than 350 architectural magazines!

-Yesenia Blandon

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