LiA participates in “CityVille Class Intro to Architects”

10:02:00 AM

“CityVille Class Intro to Architects” is a program sponsored by TREC (The Real Estate Council) and Big Thought (a nonprofit council focusing partnerships that allow all children access to quality learning opportunities). They partnered with LiA (Latinos In Architecture) which is why Juan Perini, Edwin Montes of Rees Associates and Selso Garcia of Corgan Associates all went to Hill Middle School, at Easton Rd. Dallas, TX 75218 on December 6, 2010 to give children insight and direction in the Architectural Field.

The goal was to provide a quick discussion on what it means to be an architect; what inspired them to be architects and what the field entails regarding education requirements; professional responsibilities and what it personally means for them to be Architects. The class then broke out into groups to help the young minds develop the floor plans, encourage their design and help them understand what they need to consider when designing and building their subsequent models.

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